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Praying Koby and Si Home

The latest on our adoption journey via Derek’s blog…….

The Way Word

It’s been a while since we updated anything on our adoption. Part of the reason for the delay is a series of tumultuous events in our life shortly after returning from Ghana. Perhaps we’ll be able to share more about that later, but for now, we are simply concentrating on walking in obedience to Christ and getting our new sons home!

As most of you probably know, we traveled to Ghana in mid-September for our court date. It was important to us to meet Koby and Kwesi before we went to court, so we traveled and met them the day before our court date. Emotions were turning with nervous anxiety for us and for them, I’m sure, as we sat and watched them enter the gate to our hotel. However, we warmed up to each other quickly, and Christy and I fell in love with them again as we…

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Follower of Jesus, wife of a pastor, and mother of three. Eagerly awaiting the day I am a mother of five.

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